Infographic: Actionable social media marketing tips for SMBs

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Jul 02, 2018 09:27 IST
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social media marketing tips for SMBs

Social Media Marketing can be confusing and tricky at times, and if you’re an SMB owner trying to captain your ship with a minimal crew, devising the right strategy can sometimes be a daunting task. Here are some simple social media marketing tips for SMBs to help you out.

While Social Media does help you reach the right people, through the right medium at only a fraction of the cost of traditional media, it is also a space overpopulated with competition and noise. Standing out is the primary objective of any brand and a key component of a good strategy per these social media marketing tips for SMBs.

For starters, you can divide your social media marketing strategy into four phases, beginning with identifying your key objective, whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation or others, following which you can choose the mode of communication with your audience.

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These social media marketing tips include three more key steps such as Content Creation, Publishing and Promoting, and Reporting. Read this Infographic on social media marketing tips for SMBs to learn the 4 easy steps for a social media marketing strategy that any business can implement.


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