Jaquar Lighting will light up your mood with their recent campaign ft. Deepika Padukone

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Have you noticed how different your house looks when you forget to switch on a light? That’s the essence of lights, they make a house home and home is where the heart is – a feeling captured in its all true essence in their recent campaign featuring Deepika Padukone.

Jaquar Lighting launched an all new TVC on YouTube featuring Deepika Padukone.

In a beautiful campaign, Jaquar Lighting brings to life a story of aesthetic lights creating an experience of a lifetime. The video commences with a stunning Deepika arriving home to a wonderful surprise. As her car enters the compound, the pathway lights up proffering a glow and shine! She then proceeds to enter her house, with a lone, rustic LED lighting up in the hall; with every passing step Deepika is greeted with pretty lights that guide her through the walk.

Soon she notices the shadow of a little girl, probably the one who is lighting up those lights. With a glint in her eyes and childlike glee, Deepika follows the shadow and the lights reaching her surprise party to be greeted by all her friends and loved ones.

Rajesh Laikh, EVP, Crescent, said, “The new communication that’s appearing in the media now, will present a fresh avatar of the group's guiding philosophy, which is to be in sync with its product offering- Complete LED Lighting Solutions. Deepika Padukone, the Brand ambassador apart from ensuring high visibility lends credibility and magical aura to the brand.

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The narrative interestingly weaves in the discovery of Jaquar Lighting’s wide range by Deepika’s character as she follows the ‘light’ cues of a mystery friend! Pegged somewhere on the threshold between a metaphor for life and a product showcase, this is the idea of how Deepika is led into the light – the light of friends and relationships, as well as Jaquar Lighting’s products.”

A well-articulated campaign, Jaquar Lighting takes viewers through a tour of their range of products with a beautiful background score, accompanied by Deepika’s charmed presence. An aesthetically appealing campaign, Jaguar Lighting drives home their message.

“The creative expression of Jaquar Lighting’s brand communication this time round, is therefore all about showcasing lights that represent commercial, outdoor and decorative segments of its vast range in a creative and playful manner,” Santosh Kumar, CEO of Mango Data concluded.

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