LinkedIn Updates: Video Captions, Share Articles Quotes, and See Translations

Sharing ideas, asking for advice, or showing what you do for work are just a few ways members start conversations on LinkedIn every day. Having these types of conversations with your professional community is one of the best ways to give and get help, make new connections, and strengthen existing ones. LinkedIn wants to make this as easy as possible to help members reach other professionals who have similar interests.

Here’s a look at some of the latest features and improvements:

Add video captions to give more context
There are often times when you aren’t able to watch a video with the sound on so for these moments, you now have the option to add closed captioning to your videos when posting from desktop. Not only does this give people a better viewing experience when the sound is off, it also makes your videos accessible to everyone.

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To add captions:

Click the video icon in the share box on desktop to select the video you want to share.

Once the preview shows up, click the edit icon on the top right to see the video settings and then click “select file” to attach the associated SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file. You’re ready to post from there!

Share quotes from articles to spark conversations

Have you ever read an article and found yourself highlighting quotes that you want to talk to others about or give your perspective? To help you start conversations on points you find particularly interesting, you can now easily highlight a quote from a LinkedIn article on mobile and share it directly with your network in the feed.

Save posts as drafts to share when you’re ready
LinkedIn gets it: interruptions can often come up or you sometimes need a bit more time to finesse your post before sharing. For moments like these, you can now save a draft of your post on mobile and come back to it later. Just tap on the X at the top left of your post to see the option to save.

See translations of posts to stay in touch with your global connections
LinkedIn knows many of you have connections from other countries who speak different languages, and you want to stay in the loop on what they’re doing and talking about. To help lower the language barrier, LinkedIn has added a “See translation” button on posts that are in a different language than you speak. This is rolling out now across desktop and mobile.

Easily access the content you’ve created
LinkedIn heard from all of you that you want a quick and easy way to access all of the posts you’ve shared, articles you’ve written, or videos you’ve recorded. To help address this,it added a shortcut on desktop—simply click on the “Me” tab to get to the content you’ve shared on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn hopes that these updates make posting on it and staying up-to-date on the topics and people you care about even easier. Make sure to subscribe to LinkedIn’s blog so you can stay updated on the latest and greatest!