McDowell's releases Friendship Day campaign ft Ayushmann Khurana and Raghu Ram

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Friendship Day campaign

McDowell's launched a new Friendship Day campaign. As part of the campaign, a video was released on YouTube featuring real-life friends, Ayushmann Khurana and Raghu Ram.

McDowell's released a new YouTube video featuring Ayushmann Khurana and Raghu Ram as part of its new Friendship Day campaign.

The brand launches a campaign conceptualized by the DDB Mudra Group and Experience Commerce, to encourage ‘Yaars’ to rejoice the Good, the Bad and the Truth together.

McDowell’s No.1 has been synonymous with capturing stories of ‘Yaari’ through its captivating narratives focused on budding brotherhood amongst masses in India. Keeping in tune with its philosophy of fostering and strengthening friendships, McDowell’s No.1 has launched a digital campaign for Friendship Day, urging everyone to thank their ‘Yaars’ for always telling the truth and clearly differentiating between friends and ‘Yaars.’

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Commenting on the campaign, Amarpreet Singh, Executive Vice President & Portfolio Head, Marketing, Diageo India said, “In a world full of easy validation, it is only true friendship that can provide perspective. McDowell’s No.1 stands for such bonds and through this campaign, the brand encourages everyone to celebrate their “Yaari” on Friendship Day by sharing how much they mean to each other just like Ayushman & Raghu.”

Quoting on the campaign, Sujay Ghosh - Executive Vice President & Business Partner, DDB Mudra South said, “McDowell’s No.1 has always been the catalyst for celebrating bonds of brotherhood. Hence, the significance of being an integral part of Friendship day. With this campaign, the brand wanted to celebrate the virtue of honesty that is characteristic of every true ‘Yaar’. In our conversations, we realised how every time our “Yaars” have held the mirror to us, their brutal honesty has helped us grow into better human beings. In better words, Hum Achhe Kyunki Yaar Sachche. With a film featuring Ayushmann Khurana and a surprise cameo of Raghu Ram, along with retail and activation encouraging “Yaars” to be honest with each other, the campaign sparks a fresh conversation on the role of ”Yaars” and “Yaari” in our lives.”

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