ZIPPO appoints Richard Finlow as Senior Vice President Of Global Sales and Marketing

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Richard Finlow

Zippo Manufacturing Company has announced the appointment of Richard Finlow to the new position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. Finlow previously held the position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales.

This newly created management role has united the sales and marketing divisions. In his new position, Richard Finlow is set to steer Zippo into its next chapter with this restructure. An important step towards supporting the iconic brand’s global strategic initiatives.

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In recent years, Finlow played an active role in enhancing Zippo’s global organizational structure as a key player in the creation of Zippo subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, which provide a strong framework for effective global expansion and successful product diversification. Mark Paup, President and CEO, remarked, “The integration of two divisions under Richard’s lead will forge greater collaboration, consistency and efficiency across the company. In recent years, we cemented our ‘regional – on the ground approach’ to managing the subsidiary markets with the support of future focused leaders like Richard. These steps have improved relations, control and speed of global distribution. I look forward to working with Richard on further impactful initiatives that drive the Zippo brand forward.” In addition to his global sales and marketing duties, Richard is responsible for overseeing Zippo subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, as well as London-based brand communications agency DeVries Global and Texas-based integrated marketing agency McGarrah-Jesse.

Finlow is enthusiastic for the next stage of Zippo’s progression. He further commented, “Zippo is one of America’s most iconic brands and it is a privilege to continue work on a brand with over 86 years of history. I am excited about the diversification of Zippo’s portfolio and to see sales and marketing become truly unified. To keep Zippo relevant, it is our ambition to regularly refresh and carefully consider our position in culture today. With our sales, marketing and innovation teams working together, we have aligned our strategy and resources to continue delivering great quality products.”

Moving into 2018, Zippo has a strategic focus on innovation to continue to build its strong brand equity and deliver solid sales results globally. Zippo continues to venture beyond its cult lighter to give fans new ways to enjoy the brand. With a regional approach to product diversification, the global brand is leveraging local insights and research to define tailored product lines across Europe, Asia and the US. From men’s lifestyle accessories in Europe, and new outdoor products, like the Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer in the USA, Zippo’s American heritage and style serve as a guiding compass as the product portfolio expands.

Acquisition is another global strategic initiative for Zippo in 2018. Paup states, “Zippo has a renewed commitment to acquisition and the continued expansion into new territories allowing us to find brands to bring into the Zippo family and support long-term business growth.”

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