How Parle 20-20′ used social media to create buzz prior for its television campaign

Parle 20-20 campaign

Category Introduction

The Sweet Cookies Category is estimated at 60,000 tons per month with Parle 20-20 Cookies claiming to be one of the major players. The category is growing at 6-7% annually with major geographies being Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra & Karnataka.

Brand Introduction

The Brand is a big player in the Cookie category which is among favorite snacking options of masses. Parle 20-20 Cookies are available in three exciting variants:

  • 20-20 Cookies Cashew
  • 20-20 Cookies Butter
  • 20-20 Cookies Butter-Jeera


The primary marketing objective from a Social Media perspective was to communicate the following message-

At its simplest, the core message of the communication was that Parle 20-20 scores a prefect 20 on 20 when it comes to taste. However, the campaign narrative and storytelling ensured that Parle 20-20 went beyond the conventional biscuit advertising approach to appropriate and applaud all kinds of positive thinking in a world which is today getting increasingly crippled with negative perspective- thoughts that divide people and discriminate based on colour, creed, community, language and religion.

The core message lauds anyone who thinks positively and shuns stereotyping or negative judgement.


The campaign talks in a very subtle manner about the social events and taboos which modern society is trying to shed away. The brand rates progressive & contemporary thinking ‘20 out of 20’, much like the new & improved taste of Parle 20-20 cookies which scores 20 out of 20 on those parameters.

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Problem Statement

The primary objective of the campaign was to communicate to the ‘new & improved’ avatar of the consumer’s favorite 20-20 Cookies, aimed at building salience for the brand which would translate into trials for the product.


To refresh the brand narrative of Parle 20-20 and reinforce its taste superiority.

Creative Idea

The idea behind this campaign was to leverage the brand name creatively, in a manner that it both enunciates the taste story of Parle 20-20 while at the same time drives recall and top-of-the-mind salience for the brand. The team interpreted the brand name ‘20-20’ as a perfect score, something that the taste of the product rightly commands.

By this interpretation, conventional cricket connotations were successfully stayed away from and an unprecedented story to the product’s taste was coined. And in the process, the team did not shy away from the opportunity to make the brand stand for something larger in the first place- in this case being, positive thinking.


To get consumers to bite into the category, the communication needed to be such that it kept the brand on top of the consumer’s mind.


A week prior to the launch, Parle rolled out daily Instagram, Facebook posts, and Twitter polls that challenged various other taboos in society. Each of these posts reached out to right sect of audience, helping the brand create a conducive launchpad for their television campaign. 

Who deserves to earn more? The ones with talent. #CountdownTo2020

A post shared by Parle Products (@parleproducts) on

Reach– 37,904

Impressions– 39,251


Why should a big body be the biggest concern? #CountdownTo2020

A post shared by Parle Products (@parleproducts) on

Reach– 45,637

Impressions– 47,886


Is it fair to compare your kid with the Sharmas of the world? #CountdownTo2020

A post shared by Parle Products (@parleproducts) on

Reach– 43,250

Impressions– 44,442


Reach– 101,638

View– 22,620

Reach– 130,046

Views– 40,225

Further, Twitter polls helped the brand create curiosity and engagement around their upcoming campaign. The idea was to break stereotypes and infuse a sense of positivty.

Speaking about the campaign, Mayank Shah, Category Head, Parle Products said, ‘’Parle 20-20 cookies was created by Parle Products for the young adults.  This audience is self-aware and is re-inventing social values to make the world a better place. As we celebrate Parle 20-20’s ten years of existence, we want to appreciate individuals who encounter these young adults and don’t judge them for their choices. We also wanted to build a strong consumer franchise by positioning 20-20 as a brand that supports this new-age thought process which is free of prejudice and extremely inclusive of change”.