#Testing: Facebook tests adding links to stories

Facebook stories links

Facebook stories links might soon be a thing. Facebook stories have been a flop so far as they’ve failed to spark engagement and users spend more time on the news feed instead. To improve this, Facebook is testing a feature which would allow users to post links in Facebook stories.

Facebook has been a platform for users to engage in interactions of similar interests and share them with their friends on their news feed. A similar feature might be added to the stories section. Users can share articles that attract them.

This might help the stories section to be used more often and might increase the organic reach of creators or publishers as that is erratically burdensome. Stories with viral potential may create a buzz, attracting more users.

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Along with testing new features, Facebook has also added a new feature which allows a user to send message via WhatsApp to a creator/publisher who has enabled it on heir Facebook ad. This feature will only be available to Facebook users who also have WhatsApp installed on their phone.

This feature came to be known via social media consultant Matt Navarra’s tweet.