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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Google is a one stop shop for anything you want to know about under the sun. Apart from its web browser, Google is equally popular for its marketing campaigns.

Google always seems to find a way to promote its apps and features along with a social message.

The latest campaign, #GoogleForIndia is a short film depicting how the internet empowers people. It largely focuses on rural India and is shot beautifully. The film showcases how using the internet has made people more independent. It says, ‘India inspires India’ which is a very strong message to give out. Here’s the #GoogleForIndia movie:

Social Samosa takes this opportunity to look back at some of the iconic and heart touching Google campaigns

1. Google Search : Reunion


2. The Hero – A Bollywood Story


3. #TogetherOnline


4. #LetsDuoIt

5. Google Chrome – Tanjore Commercial

6. Google Photos – The Story of Amit

7. Google Maps - #LookBeforeYouLeave

8. #SpecialDelivery

9. Internet Sathi

All of these Google campaigns had one thing in common –audience connect, and that is what makes Google a favorite among all age groups.

Which one was your favorite out of all Google campaigns? Tell us in the comments section below or write to us at .

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