GoQuest Digital Studios hires Anand Sreenivasan as the Head of Brand Partnerships

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GoQuest Digital Studios, the only independent boutique content studio in the world, recently announced the strategic appointment of Anand Sreenivasan as the Head of its Brand Partnerships division.

In his new role, Anand will lead GoQuest Digital Studios brand partnerships and collaboration activities. He will oversee the smooth on boarding of brands and help them understand and associate effectively with the format-oriented content developed, produced, marketed and distributed exclusively by GoQuest Digital Studios one-stop integrated end-to-end service model.

An industry veteran with more than 12 years of experience, Anand has worked with established names in the content domain such as Zoom, UTV (Disney), Sony and most recently at A+E|TV18, where he helmed the revenue operations for the Western region with a core focus on History TV18 and fyiTV18 channel during FY17-18.

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Commenting on the appointment, Darshan Bhatt,Director, GoQuest Digital Studios, said, “It gives us immense pleasure to welcome Anand to the GoQuest Digital Studios team. He is a known face in the segment with a reputation of being a go-getter with tremendous knowledge of the industry, a vast network and deep insights. Considering GoQuest’s overarching vision of subtle brand integration with unique storytelling that steers away from conventions, we required the services of someone with Anand’s keen sense of brand appropriate-content strategizing to achieve the best results for our clients.”

Elaborating on the vision that he aims to follow in his new role at GoQuest Digital Studios, Anand Sreenivasan said, “The Indian content space is going through major expansion as well as multiple changes in various dimensions and dynamics. With increasing competition, emergence of multiple media and an increasingly fleeting audience attention span, content developers as well as brands need to be extremely innovative in the way they collaborate. GoQuest Digital Studios’ unique positioning and its end-to-end content development model gives me a scope to independently create content, market and distribute it along with facilitating the brand integration blueprint from scratch. This allows for optimization of the process at every level, cutting down on costs and helping develop the best brand integration model with the content on offer.”

GoQuest Media Ventures’ global distribution network has already registered a strong presence in emerging markets of South Asia, Africa, some areas of Europe etc. Such a massive content syndication base, aided by its integrated end-to-end content creation, production and distribution model gives GoQuest Digital Studios a huge advantage over its competitors. It has also launched a dedicated Digital Studios division recently, which has already received great feedback from potential partners, and has already kick-started with its first project with Volkswagen Motorsport.

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