Indiabulls Home Loans highlights the need for #PlasticSeAzaadi this Independence Day

indiabulls home loans

Indiabulls Home Loans released an Independence Day special campaign titled #PlasticSeAzadi highlighting the issue of plastic pollution in India.

As we move into the 72nd year of our Independence, What are the various things that you feel we have been freed of.  We attained ‘azadi’ from the clutches of British Raj but are we really free?

The country is gripped with various issues – one of the most serious ones being, the growing menace of plastic pollution! In the last 60-70 years, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced and nearly 13 million tonnes of it has been swept away into the oceans. Raising awareness around this evil, this Independence Day, Indiabulls encourages you to free yourself from the use of ONE-TIME PLASTIC products and do your bit to conserve, protect & maintain the environment!

In line with this thought, Indiabulls rolled out a campaign where it asks us to take a step ahead and move towards ‘Ek nayi Azadi’ getting #PlasticSeAzaadi. The video is set on the backdrop of a school during Independence day. Amidst these celebrations children set an example for the world by pointing out the use of plastic bottles as a harmful action towards the environment.

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The campaign uses a song to communicate the strong message, with cute kids singing their way into our hearts. The lyrics highlight our horrific plastic consumption habits and how a simple step could help bring about a change in the entire country.

#PlasticSeAzaadi is a fresh break from regular independence day campaigns. It speaks about a burning issue that needs to be dealt with on priority. Indiabulls’ #PlasticSeAzaadi takes a step in the positive direction and urges you to do the same.