Infographic: How to measure social media success

social media success

The infographic explores how brands can calculate RoI on the overall social media success on their marketing strategy.

Social media is a major player for online communicators. Proving its power in terms of social media success, however, continues to baffle many in the marketing world.

To tie your online efforts to your organization’s profits and measure your return on investment, it’s essential to have a game plan in place.

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What do I want to achieve with my digital endeavors? Which metrics are the most important—and which ones can be ditched?

These are among the many questions that must be answered before you can successfully gauge social media ROI.

MDG Advertising breaks down a four-step process for proving the influence of your online performance in its handy infographic guide.

It shares:

  • Set measurable goals for tracking your social media efforts.
  • Identify the key metrics that matter to your overall revenue.
  • Tally up the overall budget for your online campaigns.

For more ways to track and prove the importance of your social media savvy, see the full infographic below.

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