Kellogg’s initiates a heart warming gesture to celebrate Thai Mother’s Day

Kellogg’s Thailand Mother's Day campaign

Thailand celebrated its Mother’s Day on August 12, and Kellogg’s banked on this opportunity with their recent campaign. Kellogg’s Thailand Mother’s Day campaign was loving way to celebrate working mothers who do not even get the time to have breakfast properly.

Hard working professional women comprise of 50% of Thailand’s workforce, which clearly indicates that they have tight schedules, and enjoying breakfast is a rare luxury. In their social media experiment, the Kellogg’s Thailand Mother’s Day campaign team asked a bunch of kids questions about their mothers’ jobs, favorite pastimes etc. But when they were asked –‘What does your mom like to eat for breakfast?’, the kids didn’t have an answer because they realized their moms never have time to have breakfast with them.

In the video, the mothers are called for a meeting during work and are surprised by their kids who have prepared Kellogg’s breakfast for them. The reactions of the mothers are truly priceless as their eyes fill up with tears of joy.

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It is truly touching to watch the kids promising things just so the can have breakfast daily with their mothers. This initiative worked as a charm in Kellogg’s favor and already garnered some 1.3 million Facebook views via the Kellogg’s Thailand page and KOL’s.