Paper Boat launched its Raksha Bandhan film on IGTV

Paper Boat film on IGTV

In a year of many firsts, Paper Boat launched its Raksha Bandhan film on IGTV. Traditionally making internet films for YouTube and Facebook, Paper Boat went on to make this festive film its first video on its IGTV channel.

Paper Boat was one of the select first brands to advertise on Instagram. “Instagram for us has been a very playful medium where we explore a different, more visual, contemporary dimension of our brand,” says Parvesh Debuka, Head of Marketing. “The 1 minute video-limit that was traditionally seen as a restriction has now been solved for,” he adds.
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Created and produced by independent publication house, Soup (, the highly-stylised film features warm stories by sibling pairs across age-groups, all confessing to small crimes and misdemeanours — and making up for them after the many interim years.
To the question, “Is there such a thing as an Instagram film?” Debuka replies, “Yes! We have found there is. The platform is one where users seek newer styles of art direction, inspiration, and expression — and this film is the perfect start to our IGTV, because it’s such a visual and storytelling delight.”