How Pulp Strategy leveraged #AIBJagrata as a marketing opportunity for Tupperware

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In today’s age of cutthroat competition, it is beyond a shadow of doubt that opportunities have become very scarce. However, if you keep your eyes on your target and ear on the ground, you can make wonders happen, and that’s precisely what Pulp Strategy recently did for Tupperware marketing.

Little did anyone know that a random post of All India Bakchod (AIB) on Instagram could be given a spin of marketing, but then, little do people often know about the power of marketing, right?

The classic case of proactive marketing started with AIB asking its followers a random question under #AIBJagraata. This time, the random question was “what’s that one thing in your house that your mother loves more than you?”

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The replies naturally included Tupperware given the strong market positioning of the kitchen accessory brand. But, Tupperware India (with its end-to-end marketing managed by Pulp Strategy) left no stone unturned to tap into this now-prevailing opportunity. The agency’s social media listening team proactively participated in the ongoing discussion and further amplified the overall engagement by taking it off to its own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles. Rest, as we know, is history, with the word spreading in social media as wild fire.

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Within 24 hours, Tupperware India reached out to more than 25 thousand people on Facebook and 1,686 people on Instagram, and all of that, without spending a single penny. The whole activity also caught the attention of Tanmay Bhat, the co-founder of AIB, who retweeted the Tupperware India post.

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Talking about the development, Ambika Sharma, Founder and Managing Director, Pulp Strategy said, “At Pulp Strategy, we do not merely create opportunities, but also ensure that we tap into every single one that surfaces anytime, anywhere. This all-embracive approach is what has helped us in staying ahead of the curve always. I’m proud that the team at Pulp Strategy has yet again upheld that culture.”

Pulp Strategy also Won a Silver for Tupperware as Social Media's most powerful brand in the Household Goods category at the #SAMMIE Awards 2018 recently.

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