How to check time spent on Facebook & Instagram

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Facebook and Instagram have come up with a new tool on their app which will tell the users exactly how much time they’re spending on them on a daily basis.

Facebook announced some new features on Wednesday. The social media platform says they want to ensure that the users spend their ‘time well’. The new tool will notify users once they've been on the app for a predetermined amount of time via a dashboard that records and displays how long they are spending on the app. Instagram is going to have the same features as it is owned by Facebook.

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According to Business, here is exactly how you can find how much time you’re spending on these social networking sites.

Facebook: Under the menu tab (the one on the far-right of the homescreen that's represented by three horizontal lines), scroll down and click on "Settings & Privacy." Then click on "Your Time on Facebook," and you'll be taken to a dashboard on Facebook that has all the same features as those of Instagram.

facebook time well spent

Instagram: Open up your Settings, and scroll down to the new option "Your Activity." Click on it, and it'll take you to a dashboard that shows you how much time you're spending on the app each day - as well as a weekly average.

Instagram time well spent

You can also set a ‘Daily Reminder’ to notify you when you’ve been on the app for a certain period of time. You can temporarily mute these notifications from both the apps for a maximum of 8 hours.

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