Twitter launches Twitter Lite and Independence Day emoji in India

Independence Day emoji

As India enters its 72nd year of Independence, Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Lite Google Play app in India as a way for more people across the country to celebrate #IndiaIndependenceDay and see what’s happening in India and the world. People can Tweet with #IndiaIndependenceDay to activate a Red Fort emoji on Twitter and Twitter Lite and join in the celebrations.

Twitter Lite minimizes data usage, loads quickly on slower networks and takes up less space on your device. Last year, Twitter introduced the Twitter Lite as a mobile web browser experience available on and is expanding the solution to the Google Play store today for more people in India to celebrate #IndiaIndependenceDay with. For more info about Twitter Lite, please click here.

The Red Fort emoji is live today on Twitter and Twitter Lite, available until 19th August 2018. Indians across the world can exchange their feelings, greetings and wishes with each other, using the hashtags #IndependenceDayIndia OR #IndiaIndependenceDay OR #स्वतंत्रतादिवस OR #சுதந்திரதினம் OR #ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯದಿನ OR #ਸੁਤੰਤਰਤਾਦਿਵਸ OR #स्वातंत्र्यदिन OR #സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യദിനം OR #స్వాతంత్ర్యదినోత్సవం OR #ସ୍ୱାଧୀନତାଦିବସ when composing a Tweet to activate the emoji. Twitter emojis are a delightful way to bring together people to celebrate cultural moments and give users a fun way to Tweet, share and celebrate the historic day and express love for their country with live conversations. The Red Fort emoji signifies the historical site where the Prime Minister hoists the flag and delivers his speech from every year on the Independence Day.

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In addition, people can watch the live stream of the Prime Minister’s speech and Independence Day celebrations on Twitter with ANI, Aaj Tak, ABP News, CNN News18, Economic Times, CNBCTV18 Live, India Today, The Quint, Bloombgerg Quint from 7am onwards on August 15. Those who prefer a data-friendly way to follow the celebrations can look forward to live Tweet updates from Indian Express and The Hindu on Twitter Lite.

Mahima Kaul, Head of Public Policy, Twitter India said, “Twitter is committed to add value to the expression of our users, allowing them to share their experiences and views in a more meaningful and engaging manner. With the launch of Twitter Lite Google Play app, the Red Fort emoji and the live streams from news partners available on Twitter to commemorate India’s 72 years of Independence, we are thrilled to bind Indians across the world with a sense of togetherness and celebration.”

Twitter continues to celebrate all cultures with customized initiatives for key milestones and events across the world. These initiatives are conceptualized keeping in mind the sentiments and are a delightful way to reinforce a sense of unity and harmony amongst Twitter and Twitter Lite users.

With the launch of Twitter Lite Google Play app in India today, here are a few ways people can leverage Twitter Lite for more accessible, fast, and data-friendly access to content and conversations on the platform, starting with India’s independence Day:

  • Data saver: Twitter Lite is accessible to people with data, bandwidth, and device constraints. Control which images and videos load on the phone by enabling Data saver. People can still load all this content at any time by hitting “Load image” or “Load video”, helping to save money and data in real time.
  • Built for 2G and 3G networks: At 3MB, Twitter Lite saves data and space, and loads quickly on unreliable networks. While using the app on 2G or 3G, people will notice that content will load quickly on Twitter Lite and be able to see what’s happening no matter what network they are on!
  • Bookmarks: Running low on data? Want to save a Tweet for later? Bookmarks is an easy-to-use feature that allows people to save important Tweets for later, for when there is more data or a better internet connection.
  • Offline mode: Even when connectivity is temporarily lost, Twitter Lite will offer offline support. The user experience will never be interrupted as Tweets last cached will show even when a user goes offline.
    Push notifications: Starting today, Twitter Lite supports push notifications, allowing people to keep up with what’s happening around the world.
  • Night mode: Night mode gives the timeline a darker theme, which is easier on the eyes and easier to read — even during the day.
    Threads: Following Twitter’s announcement last year, threaded Tweets are now available on Twitter Lite! We’ve made it easy to create a thread by adding a plus button in the composer, so people can connect their thoughts and publish threaded Tweets all at the same time.