Twitter tests personalised 'unfollow' suggestions

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Twitter tests personalised 'unfollow' suggestions

As we by default get suggestions on 'who to follow' on Twitter, the microblogging site is now testing a new option that will give users choices to 'unfollow' users. 

Twitter is used to engage with people who share similar interests and notable personalities, whose line of work a user might be interested in. While, interest is subjective depending on one’s personal feelings, opinions and taste. 

Similarly, a user might lose interest in the people or microbloggers they’ve previously followed. Once that happens, the user stops engaging with those people and their content is just scrolled past by.

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To help users maintain a more relevant timeline, Twitter has tested a new feature which would show the  people the user they’ve least engaged with, who they might want to unfollow. This feature was tested on a small scale. Going through the list of people you follow and then filter the people you want to unfollow would be unproductive use of time. The new feature would make the process easier.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted about the development: 

While it’s unclear what algorithm would be used to make this feature coherent and when and how it would be rolled out, the experimentation is worth engaging. 

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