Dulux shares how to bring your dream colours to life

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Sep 24, 2018 10:04 IST
Dulux Paints

Planning to revamp your home? Home painting is the first step to add glamour, vibrancy and glitter. Realizing the potential of this opportunity and understanding the pain points of consumers, one of the leading paint company, Dulux Paints launched a new campaign "Bring your dream colour to life!"

While the idea sounds exciting, visualizing colours on the wall becomes confusing at times, especially picking the right colour for your walls. Herein lies an opportunity to offer colour help to consumers and re-define the way they buy paint for their homes.

The campaign video shows a family planning to get their home painted and finds it difficult to choose the best colour for their walls.


The Brand adds a layer of virtual home painting experience with its Visualizer App and the newly-launched, one of its kind paint sampler called Dulux Colour Play Tester, that enable users to choose from a wide selection of colours on a click. The app allows users to click a picture of their wall using a smartphone and visualize how the walls will look after painting. Easing the process of colour selection, the company allows its customers to order palm-sized Color Play Testers on Amazon India to test out colours on their walls before actually deciding the final colour.

“We have truly responded to the consumer’s need in this segment. Dulux seeks to redefine the home-painting journey by providing greater ease to the consumers in the colour selection process and getting the desired output on the walls. The fact that Color Play™ Tester is only available online was a conscious choice that we made to address the new-age digital consumer. This is going to be a revolutionary change in the Indian paint market where consumers have less knowledge about the category to make their own choices.” said Parth Udia, Head of Marketing, Decorative Paints, AkzoNobel India.

According to David Teng, Cluster General Manager, Decorative Paints, AkzoNobel South Asia “At AkzoNobel India, technology-led innovation is at the heart of our business and the new Dulux Colour Play™ Tester is yet another demonstration of our commitment towards providing consumers with solutions that make their lives easier and living spaces more inspiring. The idea behind such an innovation is to empower the new-age digital consumers in making the desired colour choices that complement their home and personality.”

“Here’s a case of a product so insightful that the product idea becomes the story. While it is a nicely done demo of what we do with the product, the innovation itself fits well in the narrative of a consumer’s life and a very relatable story gets told. We are hoping these testers really start trending and change the conversation on home painting and give power back to the people.” mentioned Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Taproot Dentsu.

The campaign gives a crisp narration of how finding the apt colour for your home can now be a playful task.

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