Facebook initiates the prevention of fake news prior to Brazil & US Elections

Facebook fake news

Facebook is associating with two non-profit organizations – International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute to stop the outspread of fake news preceding the general elections in Brazil and United States.

Social media platforms have been taking major measures to terminate the span of fake news. Despite their efforts, engagement on the fake news on the platform is around 70 million per month although it has dropped since the 2016 US elections when the spread of deceptions caught a lot of attention.

Recently, when Facebook exercised tests, out of four articles on news about corruption in Brazil, three of them tuned out to be untrue.

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Global conflicts can be manipulated by the misuse of social media and influenced on a major scale as these platforms have a massive reach. These sites might also have an objective of getting clicks along with creating chaos in the order and propagandizing political power.

Facebook officials have agreed on increasing efforts towards the dissolution of fake news when asked about the subject. They intend on doing so by performing tests on such deceptions, concentrating on pages that promote US elections, detecting propaganda, fact-checking, flagging suspected sites, changing formulas and more.

With Instagram collaborating with TurboVote to promote US elections and Facebook taking measures to provide authentic news, politics seems to have taken a social turn on media platforms.