FLOH Tampons awards digital mandate to HOWL

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Visionaari LLP operates the brand FLOH that aims to scale up and demystify multiple myths surrounding this space and to do so they have appointed HOWL - the incumbent e-commerce and digital marketing services on this endeavour.

We often see that there are certain issues that are mostly kept out of the purview of mainstream discussion due to the stigma attached to it. Women are hesitant to talk about their periods and menstrual health is usually hidden under the wraps.

The mandate entails building a strong E-Comm sales funnel through multiple marketplaces that attract the modern women. The focus will be to build more awareness about tampons and create brand advocacy on digital. HOWL will be involved in the strategy, content creation and design across all digital platforms.

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On appointing HOWL, Gauri Singhal, CEO & Founder, Visionaari, said, “We believe that women shouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about their personal needs. And through FLOH we wish to reach out to the women of today and say hello to a bloody good period! Our product is unique in its own way, effective communication is the key here as there are just way too many myths attached to menstruation and tampons, It is crucial that the agency representing the brand understands this as well. HOWL became the obvious choice for us as they displayed competency and expertise for our digital marketing requirements”

Commenting on this win, Tufayl Merchant, Co-Founder & Business Head, HOWL, said, “Out of the 335 million menstruating girls in India only 12% use sanitary pads or tampons. The rest 88% use cloth, newspaper, dried leaves, ashes and husk sand for absorption. We consider ourselves to be privileged in this matter as through FLOH we will be able to reach out to the women of today and help them ease their discomfort during periods. As an agency, we do a lot of work towards digging out new insights and behaviours from different parts of society and then marry them with the intents and ambitions of brands. We are delighted to sign up FLOH which is an innovative product in its space and are looking forward to making some long-term impact on our society."

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