Foodpanda popularizes The Crave Party with recent campaign - What do you feel?

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Sep 07, 2018 11:04 IST
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Foodpanda campaign

Foodpanda launched three brand films to take the message around the recently introduced - The Crave Party. Serving the first course of communication is a series of campaign films conceptualized by Happy mcgarrybowen to herald the arrival of The Crave Party.


A set of three films talk about the unpredictable timing and nature of cravings for delicious food. A lawyer, a police officer and a corporate professional, all find themselves oddly caught craving a dish and that is where the films connect with every foodie in the country.


The Crave Party featured Desserts at Rs 9 followed by Snacks starting at Rs 19 and Biryani starting at Rs 79. The Crave Party was amplified through 360 degree campaign tactics during its run.

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Speaking on the campaign, Anshul Khandelwal, Head of Marketing, Foodpanda said, “Food cravings can strike anyone anywhere and as all foodies would know, the next step is to indulge the craving. That is exactly what these films celebrate- the shared passion for food. We are sure that all foodies around the country will be able to connect with the films and enjoy The Crave Party to the fullest.”

Speaking on the concept and creative execution, Kartik Iyer, CEO, Happy mcgarrybowen said “There is a certain innocence, excitement and passion when it comes to people and their love for food. All these emotions come alive when they hit you in the form of a craving. We wanted to capture that moment of a person experiencing an unexpected craving and how Foodpanda with its unbelievable offers is able to satisfy the indulgent need at that moment. Must confess, even making these films was a fun delicious process.”

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