Instagram planning to launch standalone shopping app


Instagram might develop a standalone shopping app which will be called IG Shopping. After rolling out the feature of shoppable tags to a few Instagram based businesses in the year 2017, Facebook-owned Instagram might be planning to make a move towards e-commerce sector with the launch of an independent app.

The app will let users scan through a variety of products and collections available and can make a purchase directly. Though the Team of the platform didn’t make any official comment of the launch, the report published by The Verge hints differently.

Seven out of ten hashtags on the platform are branded, nearly 80% of users follow a business and at least 30% for users have purchased a product they first discovered on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform might have seen an opportunity considering these positive responses towards businesses.

From well-accomplished brands to start-ups, Instagram has been a platform for advertising and branding to all. This stand-alone app might bridge the gap between displaying a product and converting it into a sale. The process of buying a product would be easier as many times the link to the website may not be available in the bio which would make it arduous.

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This shopping app would be competing with the already established shopping apps but has an upper hand with Instagram alongside. It surely is a good news for businesses on the platform and also for businesses who are not as they might consider getting on it although there are over 25 million business profiles. 

The company has always believed in providing a better shopping experience on the platform. While discovery has always been an integral part of Instagram, the shoppable tags feature completes the cycle of discovering an item to purchasing it. Creating the app will collate the scattered and overpopulated Businesses alongside easing the popular activity of shopping on the platform.