#LeadersOfTomorrow: I didn’t stop believing in my dream: Adrine D’mello, Monk Media

Adrine D'mello

A look at Adrine D’mello’s (Creative Director, Monk Media Network) journey leading to becoming a Leader of Tomorrow and getting listed in Social Samosa’s #30Under30.

A Creative Director at Monk Media, Adrine D’mello’s journey in the Marketing & Advertising segment is a rather eventful one. Adrine started off a career in shipping in 2011 with no scope of working in his dream industry – advertising – in sight. But things changed once his made up his mind and decided to pursue a career in Advertising.

Adrine started off as a Social Media Executive at Jack In The Box Worldwide and there was no turning back from there. Read on to find out how this Leader of Tomorrow set on his journey to leave a mark on the M & A world!

What led to your entry in the dynamic world of digital marketing?

I always wanted to be into the advertising industry but that’s when I got an opportunity to get into the world of shipping (Import export). After a year in Mumbai, I was sent out to manage the marketing operations to our Dubai office. After a few months there I started questioning myself again if I really want to be in this job? When I finally made my mind up to quit the job, I knew that this is the opportunity for me to give advertising a shot. It didn’t matter if I failed, but I have to give it a shot.

Looking back, how would you describe the journey? What is the one instance that made it all worthwhile?

The journey has been great; I walk into work each day doing something l love doing. I don’t need to find any motivation to get up and go to work. Just doing what I do gets me motivated. The one instance that made it all worthwhile I would say is when I was moved from a Social Media Executive to a Copywriter. I joined in the industry as a fresher and just grabbed whatever opportunity came my way with both hands. Being a copywriter was kind of like a dream, and watching that dream come true made everything worth it.

Your idea of an ideal campaign

For me, an ideal campaign is one that hits beyond your set TG and can get some kind of emotion or reaction from your audience. Joy, laughter, anger – anything.

One memorable campaign that you worked on. Any behind the scenes dope?

One of the most memorable campaigns I’ve worked on is the launch of Britannia Chunkies. 4 years ago during the launch if you got into a fun conversation with Britannia Chunkies and received a free pack of cookies – I was the person sitting behind that computer. We tracked the conversations manually, built relevant replies to the user tweets and sent out a #ChunkieSurprise.

P.S. This also won me my first award in the industry, gold for Most effective use of Social Media.

Motivation mantra.

Earn your respect; be the best at whatever you do.

A day in your work life…

Every day is a new day in this industry and that’s a really cool thing. I don’t do the same stuff every day. A new day, new work, new ideas etc.


  • Upcoming trend you want to latch on
    Exploring more ways and innovations to integrate digital and the real world.


  • Trait that helped you win 30Under30; any tips for upcoming participants?
    I think the fact that I didn’t stop believing in my dream and worked towards achieving it is what helped me win 30under30. I would like to share the same tip with future participants that do not stop believing. Keep dreaming and work towards achieving that dream.


  • Moment or instance from your journey that aptly describes #AgencyLife
    I remember, I was working on this video project and these have never been smooth and have had rounds after rounds of feedback. One day we pulled an all-nighter and sent out the film by morning. I go to grab a coffee and return to my desk to a mail that said: “Approved.” I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. Well, the approval on the first go here is what aptly describes #AgencyLife for me, in fact, I remember creating a meme on the same.


  • Stereotype about working in the digital media sector that is thrown at you every time
    Social Media? Do you work for Facebook?


  • Campaign you wished you had been a part of and why?
    I think any of the Fevicol campaigns. Just because of the simple insight and humorous execution each time.

Rapid Fire:

  • Your favourite campaign – #ChunkieSurprise
  • Most irritating word in a brief – VIRAL
  • Most overused digital marketing buzzword – Micro-Influencers
  • One brand you love on social media – Zomato
  • Rank in order of fondness: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn
    – Twitter, Instagram , Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat 

3 things you do daily that have helped you excel professionally
– Keep surfing random stuff
– Following a lot of creative people especially on Instagram
– Checking out work across genres by content creators globally

Digital marketing gurus you look up to

Since my entry into the digital world, I’ve always looked up to my former CD and current CEO, Ashish Patkar. He’s been a huge influence in my growth creatively.

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?  

The journey in the last 5 years has been great, from a Social Media Exec to a Creative Director. In the next 5 years, I hope to be doing some kickass creative work and sipping on more coffee.