Red Bull's Operation #CarpeDiem demonstrates the key to work-life balance

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Sep 18, 2018 07:31 IST
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carpe diem

Red Bull is challenging workers to make time for self by pledging to sign off from work early via Operation #CarpeDiem.

Remember that time when you decided to join a hobby class or hit the gym or meet up with old pals? Not quite, right? That's because we all end up prioritizing our work and letting those to-do’s die a slow death. Isn't it time we changed this?  Red Bull connected with corporate honchos from HRX, Mixtape, Vice India, The Glitch, Madison etc  on their balancing business, outside the office and seizing the day.

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'Workaholism' is good until it does not reaches a point where' hyper-working' activities take a toll on your social well being. The main objective of the campaign is to create awareness about a perfect 'work-life' balance and garner sign ups on  their official site.

Indians are workaholics and are always under constant pressure to get things done. Amidst one of the poorest work culture environments, they find it difficult to say ‘no’ to unrealistic work expectations. Working overtime is common and a lot of the workers postpone personal appointments as they work long hours. The campaign targeted white collar workers (Male & Female) working long hours and need to focus on getting through their work

Red Bull is positioned as an enabler for the worker to perform her/his tasks on time in order to make time for personal commitments/goals/resolutions. These professionals, despite working a lot, could be more effective by focusing on what they do during work time and thus finish work early to enjoy life out of it. The idea of using OOH Medium for communication was to reach out to the maximum number of people at the functional areas i.e where they go to work and after work. The idea was also to communicate the message while they were commuting to work.

Majority of the assets used for the outdoor activities are animated. Considering the attention span of the consumer and knowing that animation catches more eyeballs than a static basis the earlier campaigns, RedBull has used Digital Screens to show the messaging. The cartoon depicts a man in various professions leaving from a corporate work space to pursue his hobby i.e Theatre, Music, etc. The inspiration has truly been the consumers from various industries and the fact that everyone has their own TO-DO that they wish to pursue but do not get time due to their corporate jobs

Meanwhile the radio campaign  is underway in Mumbai in Delhi across multiple channels since mid-July. Along with brand spots, there are weekly contests being run with daily and weekly winners being gratified.

On ground sampling activity is taking place across all functional cities since last week June with a target to activate 350+ corporates.

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