Social Samosa 40 Under 40 – Nominate across 10 categories!

Social Samosa 40 Under 40

In a bid to acknowledge the immense hard work of Media & Advertising Titans, who went against all odds to create milestones one can only dream of, Social Samosa initiated Social Samosa 40 Under 40 – a #ToastToTheTitans.

Industry dwellers who take pride in having creating commendable work that re-shaped the course of the digital marketing industry can nominate themselves for Social Samosa 40 Under 40. Spread out across 10 categories – Account Management, Analytics, Brand Management, Business, Content Marketing, Creative, Digital Marketing, Media Entrepreneurship/Leadership, Media Planning, and Strategy – each category represents an integral segment of the industry.

Account Management accommodates individuals who take pride in bridging the communication gap between the agency and the client, keeping both the parties well informed and assuring work gets done well within the deadline.

If numbers have been your strong suit with an eye to read the trends and messages they share – Analytics is for you. Brand Management is for those who enjoy crafting the brand’s personality, message, and have created human brands that resonate with their TG. Content Marketing – the new buzzword in town! But, if you have managed to go beyond the superficial annotations of this concept and created content that only engaged users but also communicated the brand message, this category is for you.

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The Creative category gives a shout out to all M & A professionals who have created works of magnificence across the fields of visual arts, audio, video or both. Digital Marketing – a category for those who make a brand come to life across social media platforms and digital domains! Right from strategizing to managing execution!

Media Entrepreneurship/Leadership as a category has been built for M & A professionals who have built an entity from scratch or been a part of an entity since its beginning, shaping it into what it has evolved into today. Media Planning – the art of getting the bang of the buck by investing right monies on the right medium! And finally Strategy – all the thought processes, planning, and research according to what your brand needs, this category is for all you Strategy professionals out there.

40 Titans across 10 categories – now is your time to shine! Nominate yourself for 40 Under 40 here.