YouTube Originals to enter India soon

YouTube Originals

YouTube is all set to roll out YouTube Originals in India. They may first launch it on the ad-supported platform and eventually roll it out on the premium ad-free subscription known as ‘YouTube Premium’.

YouTube Originals would be showcasing a diverse range of original content including series, movies, shows, videos, documentaries and more. They plan to offer a broad span of genres which comprise drama, comedy, reality, science fiction and others.

According to reports, the first YouTube Original will be with music maestro A.R.Rahman. Readers might recollect, that Rahman recently created a show for Amazon Prime India too.

YouTube has reached close to almost 2 billion active users with a user’s average viewing session being up to 40 minutes. With it’s services being available in about 88 countries this new step might prove beneficial to the company and also the 50 million users creating content shared on the platform.

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With the rising competition in the market of online streaming services with competitors such as Netflix  and Amazon Prime, YouTube may keep up to it’s name if the quality of the content maintains it’s standard and has viral potential.

The schedule of it’s release in India has not been stated neither is the phase of it’s launch confirmed. However, with reduced data costs and people opting for mobile over traditional TV, YouTube Originals does have scope.

YouTube has also announced a ‘dark’ theme for it’s mobile apps. As it’s name suggests the theme would be dark-gray colored. Everything that you see in the app currently, that is white would be replaced with this dark shade to make it easier on the eyes. Users would also have an option to turn it off, if they don’t like it. Seems like YouTube has a lot going on. 

With Facebook Watch going global, IGTV, and now YouTube Originals, OTT players need to bring on their ace game.