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EvolutionCo digital organisation agency feature

Who are we?

EvolutionCo is a leading-edge innovation and digital transformation organisation. With an exceptional team that has a common vision and passion, EvolutionCo creates engaging end-customer experiences through the intersection of human behaviour, design and technology.

We have a potent combination of digital strategists, user experience specialists, and technocrats who are the building blocks for creating seamless experiences that evolve brands and engage customers across all the platforms. Our approach is completely aligned with our clients’ business goals and we help them achieve dynamic business objectives.

Our Team 

Agency Feature- EvolutionCo

What's in the name?

We are firm believers of a quote that was once said by Oprah Winfrey - “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be”

What’s dangerous is to not evolve!

We believes that the growth of the company is directly proportional to the growth of the employees. They want employees as well as company to constantly evolve, develop, make progress, advance, grow, move forward. And they thought what can inspire the employees more than the name of the company itself!

...and thus the name ‘EvolutionCo’.

What we do?

We solve enterprises’ most complex business challenges.

We revolutionize businesses.

We help brands evolve! providing services in the space of web, mobility, cloud, innovation, voice recognition, Internet of Things, analytics and AI and cognitive services.

We design groundbreaking user interfaces, develop world-class web applications and mobile applications and build out-of-the-box digital workplaces. We create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications as well as IoT-enabled smart solutions for businesses across diverse industries. Apart from that, we specialize in re-branding and digital marketing.

Why we do it?

We have the passion and the fire to transform the digital experiences, modernize the operations and revolutionize businesses. We have potential that can make a difference and add value to businesses. With highly experienced professionals, with rich domain expertise and the right mix of business understanding and technical skills across domains, we endeavor to make a real impact on your business performance, productivity & efficiency.

How we evolve?

It is always a wise idea to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and then be two steps ahead of them. We strongly believe in, “Look, but don’t copy, get inspired”

Apart from that, we:

Pursue a 30-minute research and reading session every day

Undergo rigorous brainstorming sessions weekly

Organise monthly training and development sessions

Never stop identifying and addressing the pain points of customers

Keep innovating and adding value

Social responsibility in social media

Social media trends change every day. So, whatever tactics and techniques we learn and adapt from your experience, our end goal must be to engage your audience. Only the relevant, meaningful and timely content with a tinge of humour in it that is relatable for the audience can take engagement to a completely different level.

Need of the hour

In this interconnected digital enabled world, social media has been changing the way we see the world around us. The consumer landscape has changed drastically over a short span and expertise in digital marketing is really the need of the hour. We’re using the mix of traditional marketing techniques and the latest digital marketing tools to prepare for the digital world.

As a digital transformation company, EvolutionCo has a dedicated team of customer experience experts and communication ninjas who specialize in understanding user behavior and preferences. They think of all the possible scenarios that an end user will travel through on the digital platform and then come up with strategy and interactions, resulting in providing the best brand-user journey.

We learned the hard way

Anything and everything you do in an organisation is like a bird building a nest - only hard work, no shortcuts! That’s the most commonly talked about, yet least implemented tip you will ever come across. Secondly, know that it’s all about user experience. Our ultimate goal is to understand the customer journey and simply it. The third is, to be on the toes and keep up with industry changes. The fourth one is to understand that content is not about quantity, but quality. Create content that your audience is interested in. The last, but certainly not the least, is learning from the mistakes and never repeat them.

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Did we just share that?

Funny incidents happen all the time with digital companies. You will have to join our team to know the secrets. LOL

What’s tellable for now is, “we work hard and party harder!”

They work with us

Our Humblebrag



DCB Bank


Greaves Cotton

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages



Mahindra Rise

Mahindra Finance

Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Lifespaces



Tata Projects

TVS Credit


and the list goes on...

Industry as we foresee

Talking about social media, a few things like SEO, SEM, PPC, content marketing, SMM, Affiliate marketing, email marketing, and online public relations have been going on since quite a long now. Content was and will always be the king. However, personalised content, video content, and storytelling will dominate for years to come. However, to keep up with the competition, businesses are also picking up AI-powered assistants and IOT integrations as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications. Chatbots and Voice User Interface Technology are also taking over the world to make our lives simpler, easier and more luxurious.

A day without Internet

A day without internet at work is one of our most creative days of the year, as we do all the brainstorming sessions and meetings when the internet is annoyed with us.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re.

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