Centuryply Celebrates the undying spirit of carpenters with #CPHeroes

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CenturyPly is back with its annual campaign – CenturyPly Heroes 2018. The company aims towards accelerating shift of consumer choice from a commodity to a branded solution recognizes the indomitable spirit and workmanship of carpenters.


The carpenter community works relentlessly behind the scenes on any project to make sure that not only tough deadlines are met but also the design aspirations find their expressions in their exquisite workmanship.

CenturyPly Heroes was an initiative started in year 2014 to pay tribute to the real heroes without whose contribution a large complex project like Durga Puja, would not be possible. This year, the company has decided to take the campaign national& reiterate their commitment towards the betterment of the carpenter community by recognizing their efforts and intense passion towards their work.

There are hundreds of carpenters, whose individual stories are extremely inspiring and touching. Their belief in themselves is so high that often the universal forces align to make their belief a reality, transform virtually impossible tasks into beautiful realities. They are the true manifestation of #stronginsidebeautifuloutside mettle. The organization aims to celebrate this determination of carpenters who truly transform their work into #stronginsidebeautifuloutside using CenturyPly and CenturyLaminates products.

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The organisation will invite people to watch, like, share a short film hashtagged #CPHeroeson its Facebook page, CenturyPlyOfficial, and on its YouTube page, CenturyPly1986.The aim finally is to influence people to appreciate and respect the carpenters’ spirit and commendable artisanship, in reality. The film has been timed very well with the advent of the festive season and has emerged as very touching. The film has been shot by AudioVideo who in turn roped in popular, renowned artists like Kharaj Mukherjee, Biswajit Chakra borty, Dev Shankar Nath and others to act in the film.

The short film will be promoted through CPIL Website, social media assets, YouTube & other publisher’s site. In order to reach out to the carpenter community and recognise their worth, the video will be shared with CenturyPly’s all empanelled carpenters, contractors, dealers, distributors and employees.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director of CenturyPly said, “CenturyPly Heroes is very close to our heart. Every year our aim has been to touch the lives and add warmth to these real heroes, especially during the festivals. The carpenters’ are an integral part of our industry. They have always inspired us to come up with better and innovative products. And, we, at CenturyPly, believe that together we can make a difference to the lives of these people.

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