Eastern Condiments shares an integral message in recent campaign

Eastern Condiments

Eastern Condiments has come up with a campaign that goes with the famous saying, “The human mind is our fundamental resource”, by John F Kennedy, and greatly emphasises on the magnitude of importance given to education by the farming community in our country.

The video opens with a scene in a remote village of Rajasthan, showcasing a kid who is reluctant to go to school, while the father is determined to not compromise with his kid’s education. He draws the shape of the alphabets, in a pool of the finest bright red dry chillies, spread down to bask under the sun. The video further proceeds with scenes from different regions of the country, where farmers are shown taking a moment to draw down letter from their region dialects, and trying to educate their kids. And the last scene shows a young girl drawing the alphabet she learnt, and she shows it to her grandfather, and imparts knowledge with him, creating a notion that the world in our classroom, and education starts at home.

The campaign delivers the intended message, about how important education is to everyone. Celebrating our Indian farmers, who feed an entire nation with their hard work, the campaign sheds light on the special bond with their kids and concerns about their child’s education. The video is dedicated to their 2 Lakh plus  farmers across the country who grow and harvest the best quality raw materials and help keep their customers happy all over the world

Eastern Bhoomika, is the company’s campaign which brings the spotlight over women who remain unnoticed and unrecognized in their respective fields. Bhoomika has been successfully providing mentorship and support to women from all walks of lives, by organizing student oriented support events in schools and colleges, igniting young minds and encouraging them to take up challenges.

“Education is the most powerful tool to empower a child with. It brings out the best potentials for the next generations to come.”, believes Mr.Meeran, Managing Director of the Eastern Condiments, who is devoted and determined to fulfill their commitment towards education.

The campaign video is a powerful illustration, depicting the importance of education in the making of tomorrow’s stars, and the rising awareness about the same among the farming communities in the country.