Facebook integrates music to combat rising competition for TikTok

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature which will enable users to add music stickers to their stories along with sharing a part of the song with the added sticker of the song’s & artist’s name.

Facebook during the earlier part of the year made a deal with three major labels; Warner Music Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing & Universal Music group to use licensed music in fan-created videos showcased on their platform and the ones they own.

Facebook new feature music stickers Stories song

Not too long ago, Facebook also launched a feature called Lip Sync Live which appears as an option while starting a Live Video which allows users to select a song from the list and add further customizations before broadcasting. The feature is now extended to Pages for the benefit of the creators. The feature is kind of similar to what Dubsmash and TikTok offers.

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The platform is finding new ways to integrate music in Stories and News Feed. Social Media recently, is being soaked with users creating videos with already available music from various artists. These videos seem to grab engagement too, and an increasing number of users are creating and sharing such videos, not really on Facebook though, on other platforms like YouTube and Tik Tok.

Facebook’s new feature shows they plan on getting these platforms in a scope and taking them out. The platform, even after a lot of discrepancies have a strong user base and the new features might get them the kind of engagement they aim for.

Facebook new feature music stickers Stories song

Instagram had introduced music to it’s Stories in June and recently collaborated with Soundcloud letting users share music from there directly to Instagram Stories. Facebook and platforms owned by them are fusing music to gain engagement but in the course, it would also help artists to promote their music with credits, who even have a hard time attaining royalties because people are illegally downloading music.

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