Facebook tests voice commands in messenger

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook Messenger Voice Command

Facebook is internally testing voice dictations for messenger. The feature would transcribe users’ voice and send messages, instigate reminders and voice calls.

An 'M' assistant button would be added on the messenger window which would actuate it’s features.

The feature is unsurprisingly similar to OK Google and the voice command feature of WhatsApp although there’s not much renovation you could do to the feature.

Since Messenger has been sliced out as a stand-alone app, it has been used infrequently and traditional messaging apps and WhatsApp have been preferred by users over it. This new feature may brace the changes made to messenger not so long ago like a redesign, language translation & augmented reality and also may fulfill Facebook’s motive of gaining more users on the app at least as much as the platform’s native app.

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The feature would aid people with hindrances, who would like to use this app but are held behind due to impairments. Besides, it would be easier for people to use the app without interrupting the chores that they are doing.

Facebook’s spokesperson refused to share any information apart from stating that the feature is being tested internally probably just among employees.

Although a voice activator would be a better option than a M assisstant button(if that would be finalized) for activating the features as it satisfies the sole purpose of the feature prevailing the app to be hands-free.

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