Twitter follows Facebook's foot steps, rolls out In-stream Video Ads

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Twitter In-stream Video Ads

Publishers can now unlock more revenue with Twitter In-stream Video Ads and monetize their entire global video audience

TwitterIn-Stream Video Ads were designed to unlock incremental revenue for top publishers who want to monetize their videos on Twitter while making it easier for advertisers to reach influential audiences and align with great content. Over the past year, Twitter has expanded this capability to nearly 20 global markets, including India.

Today, Twitter announced that publishers can now monetize their entire global video audience on Twitter through In-Stream Video Ads. Previously, In-Stream Video Ads were limited to the markets in which publishers are based, but in many cases, publishers have a global following and global appeal. Twitter is introducing this update following feedback that there is a demand to monetize a publisher’s organic following, outside of their home country.

Twitter expects this opportunity to build on the momentum publishers across the world are seeing on Twitter: Over the first half of 2018, publisher earnings for In-stream Video Ads have more than doubled relative to the same period in 2017.

This new feature is garnering excitement from publishers in India and around the globe looking to increase reach and revenue:

"Twitter has been a great partner and the In-Stream Video Ads solution has been a revelation to build revenue opportunity for my videos and grow my audience. The initial collaboration has been a success and I'm excited to see how the new update will help deliver more impact and reach new global audiences." said Aakash Chopra, cricket commentator.

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“Bloomberg|Quint is seeing an exponential growth in video consumption on Twitter and In-stream Video Ads allow us to monetise it meaningfully. It provides brands an opportunity of running video ads with high view ability score and on content which is brand safe. Brands should look at In-stream Ads as they are more impactful than gaming the algorithm for manufacturing trends,” says Ankit Dhadda, Head, Marketing & Product, Bloomberg|Quint.

“This is a big win for monetization against the way BuzzFeed creates global content. We typically see our content travel beyond the local handle it was created in and extend to many other markets. Often times the most viral content reaches global audiences and this update helps advertisers align with that content." - Ken Blom, SVP of Branded Content Distribution & Ad Operation at BuzzFeed.

Publishers will be able to select markets where In-Stream Video Ads are available to monetize their organic audiences. They can change this setting just as they would all other account and monetization settings, and it will be defaulted to their home market only.

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