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Who are we?

BrandLoom is a young market branding and digital marketing agency headquartered in Delhi-NCR, India. We specialize in Designing, Branding, Marketing Technology, eCommerce Partnerships, and Social Media Marketing.

Our core team has hands-on experience of running market-driving companies for at least ten years. Our management team has a combined total working experience of over 100 years with best of the MNC’s in India and overseas. Our consultants and designers have advanced degrees in their field of operation from the best of the management and design schools in the country.

What's in the name?

Like a loom brings a design to life by weaving in threads, BrandLoom establishes your brand by cementing its presence in the digital world. We do this by taking care of every facet- SEO processes, content and website optimization, creating social media buzz and targeted marketing for intended audiences. BrandLoom starts with understanding the market and the customers, and we apply this understanding to our SMM methods. We not only interpret current trends to our clients’ advantage, but we also chalk out future plans by anticipating upcoming trends. It is a long-term process, but we not only provide the blueprint for it, but we also handhold our clients through the entire process and keep updating the processes.

What we do?

We specialize in Digital Marketing, Business & Marketing Consulting, Branding, design and eCommerce services.

Why we do it?

During our interactions with industry professionals and clients, we realized that most of them were unaware of the vast potential of digital marketing and that they did not realize that their brand’s visual branding, digital presence, brand philosophy, social media presence, and SEO processes were all intrinsically linked. So we decided to form a hub where experts from all fields can bring their expertise, and we could design holistic marketing and branding strategies that will establish a brand as a unique entity. We take care of every facet of a brand’s digital needs.

How we evolve?

The industry is in a state of constant flux, and trends are formed and changed rapidly. We not only closely monitor these trends, but we also anticipate upcoming ones on the basis of market and customer insights. We also keep ourselves acquainted with the constantly updated social media marketing tools and platforms so that we can present our clients in the best way possible. We help our clients’ brand stay fresh and relevant by optimizing their websites, visual brand facets, and SEO processes.

We are also finding new ways to engage with existing and potential customers, and ensuring that their brand experience remains pleasant and dynamic. We customize content accordingly, look at influencer marketing strategies and design campaigns that translate clicks into revenue.

Social responsibility in social media

Representing a client or brand on social media is a big responsibility, as it is intrinsically linked to building their reputation. We treat their brands as our own, and conduct campaigns that are clean, efficient and ethical. We do not engage in black hat tactics or bury our customers under a pile of spam. We make sure that all our SEO methods comply with Google guidelines and make sure that our clients are never put in a position where they incur penalties or are embarrassed by social media platforms.

Need of the hour

Social media and internet as a whole is a vast field. It is a borderless world, and the laws that govern it are loose and often vague. However, we can say that we must adhere to network or platform guidelines and strictly observe that ethical standards are maintained. It is not enough to understand what rules you are subject to when on a network or platform, but also stick to them while conducting your campaigns so that your clients are presented in the best light possible.

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We learned the hard way

Some of the things we believe should be kept in mind by all agencies:

Do what needs to be done, not what is easy to do

Have a long-term vision for your own brand and your clients

Understand the customer first

Stay relevant and fresh

Did we just share that?

This incident took place while we were serving a global automotive brand. We built the social media strategy for the brand and started executing it. While we were seeing tremendous engagement rate, our client was not happy with the way we were proceeding (though the strategy was approved).

As brand custodians we shared the reasoning behind our actions, however, the client was still not satisfied.

During that juncture, the parent company released a report evaluating social media efforts of all of their global subsidiaries. They ranked our performance as one of the best in the world.

Well, you guess the rest…….

They work with us


Hero Cycles

Jubilant Industries

Poddar Diamonds

Friendly Diamonds

Momo King

VitSupp Healthcare

Mindmine Global

Sparkles Diamonds



Industry as we foresee

India is a massive market, and there is huge potential for social media industry. We anticipate it will grow exponentially, that more companies will start looking at social media for marketing their brands and that the customers will be more proactive while interacting with service providers.

There is also a big potential in the area of mobile, as more people are now surfing the net and doing their social media activities from phone. We believe that for engaging with the new, young customer, companies have to use more visual and dynamic content.

A day without Internet

It is indeed tough to imagine such a scenario. But we can say it will be disconcerting, but probably it will be good to have a break. That way, when you come back, you will be refreshed, and take a new approach to your virtual journey.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring please go through our website.

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