Children’s day campaigns that get our inner child out

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Children’s day campaigns 2018

Along with celebrating children, Children’s day is also a subject for conceptualizing campaigns like all the other festivities and global happenings. Social Samosa glances through Children's Day campaigns 2018.

Exide’s campaign was driven by the motivation of jump-starting people to get driven by the child within and their other campaign was a social initiative presented with kids hopping their hips on an original Hinglish track. While Eicher & Godrej found the creative most relevant to their product, BookMyShow’s presence of mind was admirable with combining the most recent & significant verdict with their campaign.

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McDonald’s X NBA tried their hand to promote a social cause but McDonald’s stayed in the background, but that could be because they didn’t want to associate junk food with children.

Sunfeast Farmlite chose the best way to promote their product that represents the purpose of their brand, healthy eating. While their parent brand is serving Dark Fantasy, the subsidiary targets a different demographic.

Junglee Pictures won our hearts by presenting facts that could sadden a rock, Red Chillies Entertainment merged situations children may be in and their upcoming movie Zero's shots & Warner Bros. Pictures depicted numerous children's dream.

All in all, brands were seen to be targeting social causes more. Take a look at the Children's Day campaigns 2018 below.


Exide Life Insurance

Eicher Trucks and Buses



Godrej Appliances


McDonald's X NBA

Sunfeast Farmlite

School Of India

SBI Life Insurance

Junglee Pictures

Red Chillies Entertainment

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