#RefreshTheFeed: Coca-Cola reboots itself positively this World Kindness Day

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Coca-Cola World Kindness Day campaign

The World Kindness Day is celebrated on the 13th November, and Coca-Cola used this occasion to do something different. For Coca-Cola World Kindness Day campaign, the brand came up with #RefreshTheFeed campaign to completely reboot its social media presence.

All social media accounts of Coca-Cola went blank from 9th November to create a sense of curiosity among its followers. It stayed that way till 13th November when the brand finally came out with it new content that was all about optimism and feel-good vibes.

The content was created with the help of social media influencers and 4 renowned street artists: Greg Mike, Stefan Kunz, Ricardo Gonzalez, and Timothy Goodman.

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The main goal was to build a new strategy around Coca Cola’s rooted values, that is, optimism, upliftment, and connection. The creatives predominantly contain the brand's colors of red and white.

According to media reports, the brand will be bringing back on 50 per cent of their previous posts. To populate their timelines again, Coca-Cola rolled out bulk posts daily, keeping the number on each platform below the spam count.

This is a big step by Coca-Cola to reconnect with its consumers via social media and ingraining the values of optimism and love in their brand.

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