Jaguar’s latest campaign ft Eva Green is bundled with bold elegance

Thirty seconds of encapsulated enigma, exuding with class, confidence, and elegance – Jaguar’s recent campaign is just as power packed as their vehicles themselves.

Featuring the talented and beautiful French model and actress, Eva Green the video is a personification of excellence that Jaguar offers so gracefully.

Leaving stunned faces and awed expressions in her wake, Green is seen striding through a hotel with a jaguar at her heels. Oozing confidence that a person only in possession of a jaguar (or a Jaguar F Pace) could have, Green makes her way through the lobby to be greeted at the reception.

On being told that they have their most Popular Choice suite available, Eva Green states that she doesn’t do popular choices – setting the tone and personality of the brand apart. In a single statement, the video communicates everything that Jaguar is – a brand for those who don’t follow the pack but rather stray from the conventional path.

With an apt face for the campaign, the brand film reaches out the right audiences. Further, the setting and the tone of the film, compliment the brand, creating a resounding impact. The brand has managed to personify it’s raw enigma with the animal on screen, keeping the audience glued till the very last second. Jaguar manages to make a bold statement with the campaign.