LinkedIn tests Student Voices inspired from Snapchat stories

Paawan Sunam
New Update

LinkedIn is testing Student Voices, which lets users post short-videos to their Campus Playlist and appears on top of their Home feed, for academy students in US.

Users can check out their own school’s slideshow or Campus Playlists of other universities. The videos disappear from the playlist after a week and stay visible on the user’s profile permenantly in their Recent Activity tab.

The feature is only available to college students in the US, for the time being and a user can only post videos and not photos.

The purpose of testing thisfeature is to get students to showcase their academic experiences like exhibitions, internships, fairs, projects and more to build a strong profile with professional events, so that they grow their network and don’t go unseen by potential employers and smoothen the recruitment process.

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Videos posted on Student Voices would have the student’s university logo embedded and the users can add text they wish to along with hashtags like #OnCampus and more.

LinkedIn is also being bashed by various “critics” to duplicate Stories and trying to stay “young”. But as users across social media post Stories of their daily happenings like partying, eating out & more and don’t really get anything productive out of it, posting academic experiences may at least help them get a job and let the recruiter perceive a ‘professional’ version of them.

The feature is currently limited to US but may be further rolled out once it gains traction.

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