Twitter records 1.2 million Tweets related to #AssemblyElections2018

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As the nation gears up for the upcoming State #AssemblyElections2018 in Chattisgarh, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana, conversations and debates on Twitter in the past week alone, recorded 1.2 million Tweets related to #AssemblyElections2018.

From election emoji to #ElectionOnTwitter events, as well as live Q&As on the platform, Twitter has developed several initiatives to support citizens in having their say in the public conversation leading up to voting day and engaging with political candidates and political leaders directly.

Customized emoji for #AssemblyElections2018

The platform has launched a special emoji to light up the conversations around these State Elections. From now until 23 Dec 2018, citizens can activate a special Twitter #AssemblyElections2018 emoji using the following hashtags in a Tweet. State-specific hashtags are included so that citizens can follow the conversations unique to their states.

#AssemblyElections2018, #IndiaElections2018, #IndiaDecides, #विधानसभाचुनाव2018, #फैसला2018, #RajasthanElections2018, #RajasthanElections, #राजस्थानचुनाव, #राजस्थानचुनाव2018, #ChattisgarhElections2018, #ChattisgarhElections, #छत्तीसगढ़चुनाव, #छत्तीसगढ़चुनाव2018, #MadhyaPradeshElections2018, #MadhyaPradeshElections, #मध्यप्रदेशचुनाव, #मध्यप्रदेशचुनाव2018, #MizoramElections2018, #MizoramElections, #TelanganaElections2018, #TelanganaElections, #తెలంగాణఎన్నికలు, #తెలంగాణఎన్నికలు2018


As part of the #ElectionsOnTwitter initiative, Twitter continues to conduct events and workshops with political parties in election states so as to share best practices, account safety and reporting tools.

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In the lead up to the State Elections, Twitter partnered youth organization @YouthKiAwaaz in hosting a series of #DemocracyAdda youth summits across cities.

The first session was held in New Delhi in September, where Twitter co-hosted a series of 3 panels with Youth ki Awaaz, featuring speakers who were primarily Members of Parliament and political party spokespersons. They participated on three Twitter-exclusive debates: ‘The Three Pillars’ (on checks and balances in Indian democracy), ‘Can the Centre Hold’ (on the rise of federalism) and ‘The Politics of Protest’ (on activism and social media). The event was live-streamed and also attended by over 1000 young people.

Subsequent #DemocracyAdda events were also held in three elections states (Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh) in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz. From topics like digital education, the importance of voting, employment and more, the events encourage Indian youth to debate and discuss key societal issues today. Leaders from across parties and civil society representatives from the state participated in panel discussions. Also onboard were Local partners from each state such as CUTS, Pravah, Community, Jagran Lakecity University, The Optimist Citizen, & SPACE.

Next in the series would be the #FutureOfTelangana event in Hyderabad on 17 November.

#AskTheLeader Twitter Q&A Series

Twitter also organized a live Q&A series called #AskTheLeader where citizens could have direct access and conversation with their leaders on a regular basis. Rajasthan Congress President @SachinPilot and Telangana IT Minister @KTRTRS were among the first to join the Twitter Q&A with voters, answering questions on key issues affecting the state. Stay tuned to more from other key leaders in the coming days.

Mahima Kaul, Director, Public Policy, Twitter India and South Asia, said “The vibrancy of Indian elections is already visible on Twitter, with regional parties and leaders using the platform to connect with the voters, opinion makers, youth and media. The state elections are particularly exciting on Twitter as you can see, on one platform, voices from all parts of India converge around common themes, and see local flavours that build a national conversation. We’re also seeing a rise of local language content, and are proud to empower such a vibrant conversation on the platform. Twitter is truly where India comes to see “what’s happening!”

Some of the important Twitter handles to follow #AssemblyElections2018 are




















@asadowaisi (AIMIM)

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