Twitter records over 48 lakh Tweets related to #AssemblyElections2018


With elections currently ongoing in the states of Chattisgarh, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana, Twitter saw more than 48 lakh Tweets in relation to the #AssemblyElections2018 over the past two months (Oct 1 – Nov 28, 2018).

Conversations continue to peak with over 250,000 Tweets in the past 36 hours (Nov 27 – Nov 29, 2018). While conversations in India grew with the state elections, people across the world also leveraged Twitter to see what’s happening in India.

See link for full heat map here.

Throughout the Election campaign running parallel in five states, politicians and parties took to Twitter to regularly communicate with people all over India. Here are the top hashtags so far by conversation volume:

  1. #bjp
  2. #congress
  3. #rajasthan
  4. #madhyapradesh
  5. #telangana
  6. #telanganaelections2018
  7. #votebjpsecuremp
  8. #madhyapradeshelections
  9. #rajasthanelections2018
  10. #mizoram
  11. #bjp4mp
  12. #bjp4telangana
  13. #assemblyelections2018

Top Tweets so far:

Mahima Kaul, Head of Public Policy & Government, Twitter India, commented: “Twitter is where political conversations happen and where you can see all sides of a conversation. The vibrancy of Indian elections is already visible on Twitter. With over four million Tweets related to the assembly elections, it’s clear that regional parties and leaders are using the platform to connect with the voters, opinion makers, youth and media, making it the most talked-about Indian state elections on Twitter so far.”

Twitter has introduced several initiatives to provide real-time updates on the campaign trails, connect voters to politicians on the most important election issues, and to enable citizens to have their voices heard during the #AssemblyElections2018. Twitter has introduced a special #AssemblyElections2018 emoji to enrich the conversation available now until 23 December 2018.

The emoji can be activated with the following hashtags that citizens can customize their conversation to specific states and issues: #AssemblyElections2018, #IndiaElections2018, #IndiaDecides, #विधानसभाचुनाव2018, #फैसला2018, #RajasthanElections2018, #RajasthanElections, #राजस्थानचुनाव, #राजस्थानचुनाव2018, #ChattisgarhElections2018, #ChattisgarhElections, #छत्तीसगढ़चुनाव, #छत्तीसगढ़चुनाव2018, #MadhyaPradeshElections2018, #MadhyaPradeshElections, #मध्यप्रदेशचुनाव, #मध्यप्रदेशचुनाव2018, #MizoramElections2018, #MizoramElections, #TelanganaElections2018, #TelanganaElections, #తెలంగాణఎన్నికలు, #తెలంగాణఎన్నికలు2018.

Apart from the voting emoji, Twitter continued to conduct events and workshops with political parties in election states so as to share best practices, account safety and reporting tools. Twitter partnered youth organization @YouthKiAwaaz in hosting a series of #DemocracyAdda youth summits across cities. Beyond the collaborate with @YouthKiAwaaz, TwitterIndia also partnered with @YLACIndia (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship) for #FutureOfTelangana event with young people in Hyderabad, Telangana. Twitter also organized a live Q&A series called #AskTheLeader where citizens had the direct access and conversation with their leaders on a regular basis, amongst other initiatives.

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