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Future X Media

Who are we?

Future X Media, a modern day Digital Agency that goes beyond conventional marketing tactics to get you real results! We're not in this for the money, we're in this for the change! Our goal is to put a dent in the universe by creating something that outlives us! As a start-up led by one of the youngest & experienced entrepreneurs in India, we are dedicated, clear, concise and a 100% transparent! We provide flexible services (no fixed packages) that best suit your business goals. All our work is done in-house and not outsourced to a third party. A high client retention rate proves that we give consistent results. We INNOVATE to make our clients famous! A marketing agency by day, invention lab by night, we guarantee the lowest price in the industry without sacrificing the quality of work. Some of the most craziest, controversial and innovative campaigns are designed every day. We provide flexible services (no fixed packages) that best suit your business goals. Try us & get your first month free!

What's in the name?

Unlike other digital media agencies, our name doesn’t only resonate with our work but also our vision. Future X Media – Where the future meets media = Future (x) Media.

Our campaigns and strategies focus on next gen marketing techniques & implementation of innovations in the field.

What we do?

Social Media Marketing

Websites & Applications

Search Engine Optimization

Media Buying & Selling


Google Marketing

WhatsApp, Email & SMS Marketing

Outdoor Advertising (Print, Radio, Television)

Why we do it?

Working in the industry for the past 4 years, I noticed this field lacked bold leaders and innovative thinkers. The solution was out there but no one had the guts to go and get it! They’d approach only low and mid-level companies and stick to the contemporary with sub-par work thinking about their operational costs and utilization of resources. Being a startup they wouldn’t take any risks and play it safe. That’s not how one can succeed! The companies I worked with who had this kind of an attitude are now slowly losing their current clientele & are heaps in losses, eventually winding up.

The reason why I started this company is because I wanted to change the status quo. I wanted to show that taking risks always leads to either of the 2 things, victory or lesson. I’m bold, innovative & a risk-taker, which is why my start-up currently has more clients than the last established agency I worked for!

How we evolve?

In a fast-paced industry where breakthrough innovations happen every day, we try to take it a quarter mile at a time. The team & myself read & research on major breakthroughs every day. I’ve subscribed to the Social Samosa list and we an internal mail chain wherein we share latest campaigns & how we can learn from them with an average read time & a synopsis. We implement & try out the latest techniques before recommending it to a client, like a new lens, or Facebook’s new game trial on the app itself! Trying and testing out things really makes us confident in its use. We live for the innovation.

Social responsibility in social media

Apart from being constantly occupied with our client work we try to do a little by helping others & raising a voice on important matters. We try not to hurt anyone’s feeling, there’s no bias in offs. If there’s Eid, not only Muslims, but everyone gets an off. The same goes for Diwali and every other major festival. Various agencies have this bias in weekly offs, we don’t do that. Being a relatively young company, our social presence is not that strong. We are currently working on building an online presence, a community of likeminded individuals. Your support in this venture will be of great help!

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. Things we consider that need to be taken care of from our experience.

We learned the hard way

Learn to say NO.

There’s no shame in putting down work. You can’t put the welfare of the client before the welfare of your team because without them, you won’t have a company to run! I learned this at my last agency where my boss ignored the well-being of her employees & always dumped impossible jobs on us well beyond our capacity without herself working a single day! Needless to say, it all came down on her. Learn to say no, it’ll take you a long way.

Lead by example

You can’t delegate all the work just because you’re the boss. There’s a difference in a boss and a leader. Nobody likes a boss!

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Did we just share that?

Woah there are so many! Below are the best ones:

I once accidently said “I love you” at the end of an interview because I liked the person so much.

On the door with a prospective client after our first meeting, I was at a loss for words. I turned to a nearby broom and said, “Cool broom.”

My client once said, “See you Monday.” I said, “You will if you’re chilling on the beach in Goa.”

During a business presentation, my colleague accidentally played porn. Thank god it was only audio as the projector wasn’t hooked up!

They work with us

Dale’s Eden – One of Mumbai’s best cake shops

Magical Makeovers by Cherag Bambboat Hair & Makeup Academy

JW Marriott Chandigarh

Fairfield by Marriott Amritsar

FourSquare by Sheraton Srinagar

The Comic Book Store – India’s First Comic Book Store

DLF Emporio

Nathani Supariwala Realty

Industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media landscape is gonna get more competitive and cut-throat! Survival of the fittest (and also the richest). It’s shaping up to be a dystopian land where the big guys are the flesh-hungry Morlocks whereas the newbies are the humble Eloi’s. The industry has a lot of potential if led by the right people, who are not hungry for awards and recognition but rather focus on helping their clients and making a change. India is the most cultivating land for startups and the new generation, with all their crazy tricks, are the new leaders!

A day without Internet

I’ll finally catch up on books or watch TV for a change! Either or.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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