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Agency Feature Idea Hub

Who are we?

Dipti Doshi and Yashi Desai founded Idea Hub in 2009. The duo started off as a design agency back then and were only freelancing since social media marketing had still not fully established. After working in the industry for a few years, they juggled jobs with our startup and finally went on to focus on Idea Hub full time from their room in 2015. What began with just the two of them back then has now evolved into a team of 8 members. They operate out of a comfortable office in Juhu and we intend to grow our team strength to 15 members in the next six months.

Agency Feature Idea Hub

What's in the name?

The inception of everything begins with an ‘Idea’. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to be incubators of ideas—a hub where you come for innovative notions. Thus, Idea Hub.

What we do?

We started our careers with a lot of offline media advertising and slowly with the market trends, we moved into digital. So unlike many digital agencies currently, we cater to all needs of the clients. From offline designing & branding to PR, we also handle website designing and social media marketing.

Why we do it?

We have always been inclined towards business, and what better than getting into a line where you can creatively nurture a brand and watch it grow from your laptop screen to a full-fledged enterprise?

How we evolve?

My entire team is subscribed to online courses and each one of us put in a dedicated time to learn new trends in this medium on a daily basis. Apart from this, we participate in workshops every now and then.

Social responsibility in social media

We try to be as transparent as possible when promoting on social media. We conduct product analysis and do all the required research at our end to ensure we are promoting good and genuine brands. At times, if we are not satisfied with their products/services, we give them honest feedback and sometimes decline the account altogether if we feel it does not live up to its claims.

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Need of the hour

We are strictly against plagiarism. We urge all our clients to do their own photoshoots or buy images through legitimate sites online. Google or Pinterest images are a big no-no.

We learned the hard way

Thoroughly check ad amounts properly before plugging in the ad. Make sure to take advances for all projects you do, especially when you are working with startups. Keep reading about industry trends and successful online campaigns for inspiration and ideas.

Did we just share that?

Some clients did not understand a Hashtag campaign and they kept asking us to give spaces between words so that people clearly perceive the message.

Once when we were explaining a client about making their website “Responsive”, they asked us if that meant that the website will actually respond back? (Yes, we were amused!)

They work with us

RAW Pressery, Scootsy, Pickwick Wafer Biscuits, Superkicks, Times of India, Glenmark Pharamceuticals, Altifarm, Wok This Way, Sammy Sosa, Sindhful and many more…

Industry as we foresee

Social Media in India is growing at a super-fast pace. People are not only using the medium to share their good experiences, but also their bitter experiences, spreading awareness about quality and services of brands. The public is very informed now and brands need to be extremely proactive to deal with complaints on a regular basis. In today’s world, social media can either make or break a brand. The reach is only expected to keep growing with the internet packs and mobile phones becoming cheaper.

A day without Internet

We had internet troubles recently so all of us sat and spoke to each other. Just learned they are all a bunch of good people! Thank god the internet was back up in an hour!

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are looking to hire in the month of January.

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