#GlobalSamosa National Geographic's Nujeen will leave you Starstruck

Paawan Sunam
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National Geographic

National Geographic’s Nujeen, a short-format promotion for their campaign, Starsruck, stirs your bowels with sadness, surprise and a stimulation for space exploration.

Starstruck is a year-long celebration marking the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. National Geographic has curated an assemblage of various television series, tapping through the past, present, and future of space exploration. First one of them being, Mars among others like Cosmos & One Strange Rock.

National Geographic

The video portrays the journey that shouldn’t have happened. Nujeen shouldn’t have seen what she saw, feel how she felt or experience what she did. The odds were all against her.

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But, she did it anyway. Similar things might have been said about space exploration like “It can’t be done”. Here we are, celebrating our journey of exploration so far.

The video is directed by Reed Morano, Director & Cinematographer, who’s been a part of movies like, I think we’re alone now, Meadowland, The Rhythm Section and others.

Astronomy so far has taught us that, the observable universe transformed from a singularity, i.e. it went from being the size of a marble to holding Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, the biggest known structure in the universe, that holds clusters of galaxies and other cosmic matters.

The structure holds a “tiny” place in the known universe, although light would take about 10 billion years to move across the structure.

If you think, you can’t do something because of your situation,  National Geographic's Nujeen is here to remind you, you are the product of stardust, “Look Up, It’s all out there waiting”.

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