Instagram experienced a glitch on Thursday with strange lines and distortion

Instagram glitch

An undefined Instagram glitch was seen on Thursday, strange lines and distortion appeared on the posts made on the Feed and Stories.

Users conveyed information around the Instagram Glitch through Twitter and Facebook. They expressed annoyance after facing issues. Many users were agitated because of the unpleasant experience.

Reports of the Instagram glitch came out for a few hours, though it seems that not all countries were affected by the glitch although countries affected remain unspecified.

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Instagram has faced somewhat similar glitches earlier as well, as circulations of thereof have come out before. Many users thought there was some problem with their phone or it’s display, few even thought that it was a new filter but it turned out to be the app’s problem.

Reasons for the glitch have not been found yet, probably Instagram itself hasn’t figured it out. Many speculations like server issues, outages, upload issues, exhausting load have been surfacing but no official announcement has been made or reported.

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