#SocialThrowback: Instagram Year In Review 2018

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Love and kindness is still a top priority for the Instagram community: the Heart Love Sticker by Arata was the most-used Giphy sticker in Stories, while Heart Eyes was the most-used Face Filter in Stories. In Feed, the emoji was used in comments over 14 billion times. The happiest place in the world? Disneyland Tokyo, which saw the highest use of in the caption!

Instagram is home to countless interests and communities; this year, ASMR was the top niche community trend of the year, with soap cutting, slime popping and makeup shaving continuing its steep rise in popularity. The game Fortnite also saw explosive growth with #fortnite being the fastest growing hashtag globally. K-pop's dominance on social media is reflected by BTS “Army” being the top fandom community on the platform. The biggest viral dance challenge of the year was also born on Instagram, with #inmyfeelingschallenge, which included everyone from @theshiggyshow to @willsmith, coming in at number 1.

Across our India community in particular, kindness and love took center stage as people from across the country took to Instagram to share the things they love. #love secured the top spot when it comes to the most used hashtag followed, which was closely followed by #instagood and #fashion. Beyond this, the highest growth hashtag in India was #lovequotes.

Last but not least, millions of people across the globe used Instagram to make their voices heard in 2018. The year's top advocacy hashtags were#metoo(1.5 million),#timesup (597K), #marchforourlives (562K), demonstrating that Instagram can be a powerful platform for people to speak out and bring light to meaningful causes.

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Instagram's 2018 Year in Review:

  • Most Used Face Filter in Instagram Stories: Heart Eyes
  • Most Used Giphy Sticker on Instagram Stories: Heart Love Sticker by Arata
  • Number of times was used in comments: 14 billion
  • Happiest Geotagged Location in the World (highest use of in the caption): Disneyland Tokyo
  • Top Niche Community Trend: ASMR
  • Highest Growth Hashtag Community: #fortnite
  • Top Fandom Community: BTS
  • Top Dance Movement: #inmyfeelingschallenge
  • Top Advocacy Hashtags: #metoo (1.5 million), #timesup (597K), #marchforourlives (562K)

India specific data

We hope this roundup inspires you to use Instagram to spread joy and kindness this holiday season.

Disneyland Tokyo Disneyland BTS ASMR Army Arata #timesup #marchforourlives @willsmith @theshiggyshow filter sticker Instagram Stories Fortnite community platform kindness heart were#metoo love Tokyo Heart Love Sticker Heart Eyes Giphy sticker fandom Face Filter Face