#SS40Under40: Work for people you want to learn from: Adityan Kayalakal

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Adityan Kayalakal

In a free-spoken conversation, Adityan Kayalakal, India Lead, Publicis Emil shares his take on advertising; idea & execution and surfacing as one of the 40 Titans in the Social Samosa #40Under40, categorised under, Business.

He has over 12 years of experience working in different areas of the marketing industry, spanning across creative, digital, content marketing, activation, and film production during which he has been fortunate to have worked with iconic brands such as Jeep, Budweiser, Frooti, Mercedes-Benz, Nivea, Reliance Jio, BBC, Kraft, and Unilever.

From the weirdest brief, he has ever received to frank confessions and the advice he thinks is #AllItTakes for career aspirants to make it big in his field, Adityan shares some outright answers.

One thing you really love about your choice of career

The diversity of the people you meet at work

How would you explain your job to a 5-year-old?

I work or have worked on all the brands he/she wants *winks* (followed immediately by requests for freebies / want to meet)

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The Weirdest Brief/Pitch you have ever received

Mujhe kuch viral chahiye. Gangnam type ka. Free mein. (seriously)

5 Jargons that have become a part of your life

OMG, LOL, WTF, TL: DR, AMA - the perils of working with younger people constantly.

Media, Marketing & Advertising Quote/Tips for our Audience

In this industry CPC's, ROI, Brand Scores, everything comes 2nd. Trust comes first. It's that simple.

#AllItTakes Advice bytes for career aspirants who wish to make it Big in your field

One of my favourite quotes of all time (by John Hegarty) - Advertising is 80% idea and 80% execution.

And I'm gonna borrow from personal experience for this one - Work for people you want to learn from. It will change your life.

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