Payyanur Eye Foundation’s advert would open your eyes

Payyanur Eye Foundation

Payyanur Eye Foundation’s advert looping around their cause, a healthy eyesight for all with a speck of humour is as right as eagle’s eyes.

The Payyanur Eye Foundation, is a specialty eye hospital offering a range of services, consultancy and procedures relating to eyesight.

The creators have cleverly chosen an elderly lead to specify on the fact that no matter what age-group you belong to, the Payyanur Eye Foundation is there for you.

The advert is by the agency Nav Media, the production house is Inquilabz, music is by Mujeeb Majeed and is directed by Binoy Raveendran.

Vision, is the most important sense for anybody, especially elderly. Cheating on an exam, would be a far-fetched thought, finding a pen on the table would be difficult.

For every ounce of respect, there could be for people who do chores and live on their lives without vision, there is an ounce of concern, for those who can treat their vision and restore sight.

This advert does not promote cheating (if that’s what you picked up from it) because as shown in the end, you’d get caught.

The advert like an eagle, spots it’s target audience, swoops down and catches it, and before the audience knows they’re hooked.