Snapchat is testing 3 new features; Charms, Batch Capture and Portrait Mode


Snapchat is testing three new features, Charms, Portrait Mode and Batch Capture Mode with a few redesigned arrangements.

Charms, is a new feature being tested, to provide astrological insight on you & your friendships on Snapchat. The insights include Elemental Horoscope, Astrological Sign, Birthstone & Birthday Twins.

Elemental Horoscope enlightens about a relation that you and your friend share, Astrological Sign tells your horoscope, Birthstone informs about the stone associated with you, Birthday Twins would notify you about who shares the same birthday as you or is close to yours. Charms provide a more personalized experience to a user.

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Portrait Mode is also being tested by the platform, which would make snapping a single subject easier.

The third feature being tested is Batch Capture, no official reports have risen but from the looks of it, it seems that Batch Capture would automatically save the pictures captured unlike before where you’d have to manually save the picture, the process of posting it on Stories or saving it on gallery or phone storage would remain the same.

You also have the option of disabling Batch Capture. However, unsaved Snaps would be lost.

All three features reported, are tests and have not been rolled out on the whole scale. Roll-out dates and further information has not been confirmed.