#SS40Under40: Effort is #AllItTakes to make things happen and be successful: Muddassar Memon

Muddassar memon

In this candid conversation, Muddassar Memon, VP- Operations- iProspect, reveals some interesting facts about being a part of the Indian digital marketing space and being listed in #SS40Under40 list. 

Mudassar Memon has emerged as one of the 40 Titans in the Social Samosa #40Under40 Digital Marketing category and is touted as a true industry maverick by iProspect. Starting his career as a content writer in iProspect, his desire to explore and try new options has gone a long way in making him the Associate Vice President of the Creative Division of iProspect. Heading a team of over 30+ creative minds across design, content, social, and tech teams, he is the prime person who streamlines creative process, manages deliveries and comes up with new ideas and innovations.

While nominating himself in the raise for Toast to Titans, Memon goes onto share some weirdest briefs, confessions and much more.

One thing you really love about your choice of career

It gives me the freedom to express myself and travel around places. Of course, the salary is the best part but I enjoy the whole process of creating something from scratch and then seeing it all over the digital domain.

How would you explain your job to a 5-year-old?

I’m a driver of a bus carrying kids. I make sure they are all well fed, taken care of, rested and they are doing their work, even if it means scolding them from time to time.

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The Weirdest Brief/Pitch you have ever received

I remember one instance where we went to a group client for a pitch. It all went well till the time they said no to it. But, the twist was we ended up getting another project instead of the one we went there initially, from the same client. It’s not weird but it sure is funny.

5 Jargons that have become a part of your life

Check your mail, EOD, It seems fine to me, Haan bol na & Haan theek hai, chalega.

Media, Marketing & Advertising Quote/Tips for our Audience

Never stop! Choose a direction, make sure you like it, have the passion for it and keep working hard and smart. The destination is not the purpose but the journey is. Learn and create.

#AllItTakes Advice bytes for career aspirants who wish to make it Big in your field

When you start in media, it’s never easy to understand your prime strength. You may think that you know your stuff but then, all of a sudden, you will get thrown in a river where everyone will expect you to swim. You make sure you’re up for the effort because that’s what matters. Effort is #AllitTakes to make things happen and be successful in this field.