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Between 1 October and 12 December 2018, Twitter saw more than 70 lakh Tweets in relation to the #AssemblyElections2018. From breaking news, to behind the scenes action, to political parties, candidates and citizens engaging on all the hot election topics, Twitter gave Indian citizens a front row seat to the #AssemblyElections2018 conversation across the states of Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and


Infographic on Tweet Volume

Throughout these Indian state elections campaigns, politicians and political parties used Twitter to communicate with people in their states and all over the country. The parties’ official positions and announcements around policies and key social issues accounted for some of the top-Tweeted moments in the past two months, as voters went to the polls.


Infographic on Top Moments

In addition to key national and state political voices, Indians on Twitter participated in dynamic conversations at a grassroots level around the state elections. The rural economy emerged as the most talked-about election-related topic since October 1.



Infographic on Top Conversation Topics

Across the nation, PM Narendra Modi (@NarendraModi) and Rahul Gandhi @RahulGandhi emerged as the most mentioned leaders during the #AssemblyElections2018 conversation on Twitter.

Across the state elections, Vasundhara Raje (@vasundharabjp) emerged as the most-mentioned political candidate. Within the various states, Dr. Raman Singh (@drramansingh) was the top-mentioned candidate in Chhattisgarh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan (@chouhanshivraj) was the top-mentioned candidate in Madhya Pradesh, Vasundhara Raje (@vasundharabjp) was the top-mentioned candidate in Rajasthan and K.T. Rama Rao (@ktrtrs) was the top-mentioned candidate in Telangana.

Political commentators also played a key role in driving the broader conversation around election issues, with Rubika Liyaquat (@rubikaliyaquat) being the top-mentioned commentator for the #AssemblyElections2018 conversation on Twitter.


Infographic on Top Mentioned Commentators

Amongst all BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) official accounts on Twitter, @BJP4Rajasthan had the maximum share of voice, and amongst the INC (Indian National Congress) official accounts on Twitter, @INCMP had the maximum share of voice.


Infographic on State Parties ranking

Mahima Kaul, Head of Public Policy & Government, Twitter India, commented: "Twitter is where political conversations happen and where you can see all sides of the public conversation. We are committed to serving the public conversation by providing a safer, healthier platform for everyone to participate in the election conversation. With more than 70 lakh Tweets related to the state elections, these were amongst the most Tweeted-about Indian state elections so far. We also witnessed a rise of local language content, and are proud to empower these vibrant dialogues on the platform.”


Engaging Indians across the country in the Election Conversation on Twitter

As part of #AssemblyElections2018, Twitter launched several initiatives for Indians to provide real-time updates on the campaign trail, connect voters to politicians on the most important election issues, and to have their voices heard. In addition to a customized emoji, Twitter also conducted capacity building workshops with political parties in election states so as to share best practices, account safety and reporting tools. These workshops were attended by key leaders, IT cell members and social media warriors of the party.


In the lead up to the State Elections, Twitter partnered youth organization @YouthKiAwaaz in hosting a series of #DemocracyAdda Youth Summits in a number of cities across India.


The first session was held in New Delhi in September, where Twitter co-hosted a series of three panels with Youth Ki Awaaz, featuring speakers who were primarily Members of Parliament and political party spokespersons. They participated on three Twitter-exclusive debates: ‘The Three Pillars’ (on checks and balances in Indian democracy), ‘Can the Centre Hold’ (on the rise of federalism) and ‘The Politics of Protest’ (on activism and social media). The event was live-streamed and also attended by over 1000 young people.


Subsequent #DemocracyAdda events were also held in three elections states (Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh) in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz. From topics like digital education, the importance of voting, employment and more, the events encourage Indian youth to debate and discuss key societal issues today. Leaders from across parties and civil society representatives from the state participated in panel discussions. Also onboard were local partners from each state such as CUTS, Pravah, Commutiny, Jagran Lakecity University, The Optimist Citizen, & SPACE.


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In Hyderabad, Twitter partnered with YLAC (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship) for a #FutureOfTelangana event - the event focussed on involving young audiences to draw their agenda for all political parties in Telangana - followed by a panel discussion with representative from every party. Youngistan and Rubaroo were the local partners.

#ElectionsOnTwitter Twitter Q&A Series: Twitter organized a live Q&A series called #ElectionsOnTwitter where citizens could have direct access and conversation with their leaders on a regular basis. Rajasthan Congress President @SachinPilot and Telangana IT Minister @KTRTRS were among the first to join the Twitter Q&A with voters, answering questions on key issues affecting the state.

Here were some of the key Tweets coming through from the overall election conversation:

Top Retweeted Tweets in relation to #AssemblyElections2018 conversation by @narendramodi:

Top Retweeted Tweets in relation to #AssemblyElections2018 by @RahulGandhi:


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