WhatsApp is rolling out two new features; Dark Mode & Group Calling

Paawan Sunam
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WhatsApp Dark Mode

WhatsApp is rolling out two new features; Dark Mode and Group calling. Dark Mode is still under development and Group Calling is available on Android Beta Version 2.18.370.

Dark Mode is easy on the eyes and a lot of apps have recently been incorporating it including YouTube and Twitter. It reduces glare on the screen and saves battery too. With new smart phones having the ability to turn off pixels when black because of having OLED display, Dark Mode would save a lot of battery.

With the new Group Calling feature, you’ll be able to call up to four people at once. WhatsApp Call has been useful in times where you’re at a low network area but connected to Wi-Fi, or you’re out of station and your network’s tariff rates are higher, or you run out of talk time and need to place an urgent call. With the improved feature now you can even talk to your group at once.

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Group Calling feature would also be helpful for professional conference calls when your team’s members are located at different places and you need to coordinate.

If you’re not using the Android Beta Version 2.18.370, you’d have to wait for the steady roll-out across. The developers might fix bugs, if there are any, at an early stage, so it’s easier during the all-inclusive release. There’s not much disclosure provided on the Dark Mode’s release but we might be updated soon.

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